What is bossa yoga?

Bossa yoga is a dynamic and playful way of practicing yoga that infuses Capoeira, dance, and yoga with upbeat Brazilian music.

The aim to practice bossa yoga is to liberating the practitioner from tensión in their bodies and mind and creating a sense of well being during and after the practice.

What are the main benefits of bossa yoga?

  • Creates rhythm
  • Physical and emotional flexibility
  • Fun
  • Relaxation

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I AM Marizete

Marizete da Silva is a Spiritual Coach, Soul Healer, and Yoga Mentor. Her Mission is to guide, inspire, and uplift people to live a more meaningful life.

She is the Creator of Bossa Yoga, a beautiful and empowering combination of dance, yoga, and capoeira movements accompanied by the Brazilian music of her roots. She is an Intuitive Coach, connecting with her Spiritual guides and holding space for participants to discover their inner joy and trust the voice of their heart. Also, by the end of 2014, Marizete was invited to Google Headquarters in San Francisco as a guest teacher to teach a Bossa Yoga class to “yoglers” (members of google´s team).

Lifelong learning is a passion for Marizete, and to this end, she has studied many body-centered healing modalities. She has strong academic foundations with B.Arts in Tourism and Journalism, Certified Power Vinyasa Teacher, and Reiki Master.

From her early days in her native city of Bahia (Brazil), her connection to Source has been a lifelong strength. It has allowed her to heal past trauma and shine the light of her Soul. Marizete has taken this experience to create transformational workshops and international retreats exploring relationships, the body, health, feminine power, and energy.

Today, Marizete travels the world facilitates sessions, workshops, yoga classes, retreats in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English. Marizete also provides private Yoga classes & coaching sessions in person or online.

“During the time I have known Marizete I have been impressed by her ability to live a fully alive life of joy, have integrity towards her life path, and constantly re-invent herself. She is fearless, funny, full of energy, and fascinating all at once. I have enjoyed all my interactions with her and delighted in her ability to lead fully vibrant. conscious, life of purpose.”

Gopi Kallayil
Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing at Google

Marizete is a joy to work with and you will be amazed at how your life will change for the better. Prepare yourself! Nothing may ever be the same again! “

John Piper

Best selling author and financial trader.

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